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5 ways to put an end to myths about bodybuilding

Whenever a person thinks about bodybuilding, the first thing which comes to their mind is the myths about bodybuilding.

I don’t know from where these all myths came from, whether it’s a fit of jealousy or ignorance, who knows.

Bodybuilding is a recognized sport now, and people put lots of dedication into this sport.

“I’m retiring from competition, but I’ll never stop bodybuilding. It’s the greatest sport.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger, in 1976, announced his retirement from competition. Arnold was true to his word, as he still works out regularly and looks better than virtually every male half his age.

Almost every sport has some stereotypes or myths but bodybuilding probably has more than any other sport out there.

Now let’s take a look at some fitness myths:-

1). If you stop training, your muscles will turn into fat

myths about bodybuilding:- If you stop training, your muscles will turn into fat

This myth is one of the comment myths out there about bodybuilding, so let’s just clear that first.

What do you think about muscle?

Because only a wrong knowledge about muscle can lead to the origin of this myth, guys muscle is healthy, vibrant, living tissue which makes our body strong.

Muscles and fat are both completely different entities hence, a muscle cannot turn into fat and fat also cannot turn into muscle.

Fat is a storehouse of energy that we consume when the food supply is cut off from the individual’s diet.

I am not very sure that from where this myth came from.

But yes, I do know that some bodybuilders do gain fat after they get old or stop training.

When we get old, we start losing muscles when we stop training.

Our metabolism becomes slow so that we don’t need any more calories like before but people or bodybuilders tend to follow their old eating habits which make them eat more calories that will not gonna be utilized after stopping training.

If you can control your calories intake, then you are all good even if you stop training, you only gonna lose muscle.

2). They are big, but not strong

 They are big, but not strong

This is another big myth circulating in our society, I really don’t know, why it is circulating, maybe because of ignorance.

Nowadays, bodybuilders just need to go on stage and flexes about their bodies.

The world is continuously changing at a greater speed, it’s not like the old times when bodybuilders lift heavy weights and show their strength.

There is a direct relationship between strength and size, the bigger your muscles, the stronger you will be.

3). You’ll be muscle-bound

You'll be muscle-bound

How many times do you see a bodybuilder on T.V or in real life, barely able to move?

I can assure you guys that bodybuilding doesn’t make you muscle-bound instead it will make you more flexible be\cause of regular training.

When we contract on muscle group its counterpart goes into extension, so until you are doing exercise with the full range of motion, you need not worry.

If you are still worried about the flexibility then just look on the professional sports team.

For years, coaches forbade their team to do strength training in the fear of reducing their flexibility,

But Now how the things have changed, now every sports team have a strength training coach.

Boxers spend more time in the gym for strength training than on the ring.

Trust me guys – you won’t become muscle-bound doing bodybuilding.

4). Bodybuilding makes women look like a men

 Bodybuilding makes women look like a men

 the first question, the personal trainer got to hear while training females is the phrase that “If I lift weights, I’ll look like a guy!”.

This comment is very far away from reality because women practically can never have a men’s physique with just weight training.

Female bodybuilders, you guys used to see on T.V. are the results of the use of anabolic steroids (synthetic versions of the male hormone testosterone) with very extreme weight training.

The thing you can expect from weight training is increased strength, increased muscle tone, decreased body fat, and a reduced risk of osteoporosis and there is nothing better than weight training for the female physique.

5). The more you sweat, the more you lose fat.

The more you sweat, the more you lose fat

guys, fat has nothing to do with sweat,

If you sweat more doesn’t mean that you will gonna lose fat more.

Sweat is just a body’s mechanism of dealing with heat whereas fat gets oxidized in the body.

It’s not gonna oxidize just because you are sweating.


I hope that I accomplished my goal of removing these myths from your life.

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I just mentioned 5 myths but bodybuilding has more myths than you can imagine, so guys tell what are the other myths circulating in our society.

Comment down and tell me.

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